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Vicom Accountancy Services Ltd

164 Wyndham Road, Walworth, London, SE5 0UB

Tel: 0207 708 0033

Mobile: 07717 363 321

Fax: 0207 708 0033

Tel: 0207 708 0033

Mobile: 07717 363 321

Fax: 0207 708 0033

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Victoria Onayemi is the CEO of Vicom Group of Companies consisting of Vicom Accountancy Services Ltd an Accountancy practice firm and Vicom Inter-Commercials Ltd which is in operation of Post Office Franchise with Forex Services. She has been running these businesses since 2003 as Ltd Companies and decided to become a business owner after gaining wealth of experiences in Accountancy and business assurance.


She has 20 years of Accountancy Experience in various areas of the profession ranging from;  Business Advisory Service, Charity Accountant/Auditor, Local Authority External Auditing and Final Accounts Audit. Her experinces emanated from working with the No1 biggest firm of Accountants - PriceWaterHouseCoopers, the Audit Commission and as an Internal Audit Consultant in the London Borough of Richmond.


She currently specialise in accounting practice dealing with small business accounting requirements, providing:

- Company Registrations and Secretarial services

- Self Employment Registrations and Self Assessments

- PAYE and Auto-Enrolment Services

- Charity Registrations, Charity accounts and Independent Examinations

- Charity Regulations and Systems Reviews

- Bookkeeping Services, Final Accounts preparations and Management Accounts

- Vat and Tax consultancy


Her clients varies from; Medical Doctors, IT Consultants Companies, Legal Consultants, Retailers, Religious Charities, Clubs and Associations, Social Enterprises, Property Developers and Investors, and others.  


She have a strong interest in Mentoring and I enjoy traveling and have passion for dancing. My business philosophy exceeding clients expectation and excelling in todays knowledge of professionalism!