Vicom Accountancy Services Ltd

164 Wyndham Road, Walworth, London, SE5 0UB

Tel: 0207 708 0033

Mobile: 07717 363 321

Fax: 0207 708 0033

Tel: 0207 708 0033

Mobile: 07717 363 321

Fax: 0207 708 0033

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How safe is my money?


Vicom Inter-Commercial Ltd is registered with the HMRC Custom & Excise and the Financial Conduct Authority. We try our best to make sure that your money arrives safely where you want it.


Can I ask the beneficiary to collect by hand?

Vicom only processes online banking payment for the security of all our customers. We are able to transfer into any bank account in Nigeria.


How long does it take for the money to beneficiary account?


From the time we receive your money in our bank account the beneficiary bank account will be credited within two hours.

Why do you need my ID and Proof of Address?

We have the obligation to know our customer for money laundering verification purpose and any ID and address provided is validated before acceptance to make sure we are dealing with legitimate individuals.


I am not comfortable using the Internet can I call you to get help from your staff?


Yes, we are able to help you over the phone but before we can carry out any service, we need to have your ID and Proof of Address verified. After, this we can assist you anytime you want to use our service . Our Contact number is 07717363321

When I was trying to pay you through your online money transfer system for my transaction and I was given the option to pay via Sofort.


What is Sofort?


Sofort system is used to make sure that your bank account is secure by ensuring that you make payment only through your own bank online platform. Therefore, you need to have your online Pin entry gadgets to hand and know your online security details to be able to use this method. Otherwise, you can choose ‘Bank Deposit’ option so that you can make payment into our account however way you want.


How does your 2 hours guarantee payment works?


We pride ourselves as same day bank account money transfer specialist and our customers are always happy to use our service for this reason.

However, some circumstances beyond our control may cause occasional delay. For Example;

•Approval by Vicom online money laundering verification system usually 1 minute unless there is an issue with the source of the fund

•Difference in time zone

•Beneficiary’s bank online availability and functionality

•Sender not crediting our bank account on time

•Late transaction – if payment is made after 4:30pm we may not be able to complete payment processing for that day but will be done first thing next day