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Vicom Accountancy Services Ltd

164 Wyndham Road, Walworth, London, SE5 0UB

Tel: 0207 708 0033

Mobile: 07717 363 321

Fax: 0207 708 0033

Tel: 0207 708 0033

Mobile: 07717 363 321

Fax: 0207 708 0033

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Here at Vicom, we help you to meet with your obligations toward filing of your business year end Final Accounts and Returns with the HMRC, Companies House and the Charity Commissions without missing a deadline.




- Consultants with personal companies; e.g IT, Financial Managers, Doctors, Nurses, Bunefit Advisors.


- Personal retail trading companies


- Personal Service Companies


- Sole Trading business


- Charities and Clubs


- Property Management Companies


We pride ourselves with EXCEEDING CLIENT EPECTATION in this area of works;


- We monitor your accounts and returns deadlines


- We send you reminders, text messages and even a phone call if necessary to follow up in making sure that deadlines are met


- To assist you further, we have developed an App for our communications with you to avoid you missing important emails.


- With our Vicom App you can send us documents and also have access to your documents

What we do in relation to Year End includes the followings:


- Prepare the final accounts either from the bookkeeping supplied by you or the one we have prepared for your business


- Prepare a PDF report of Financial Statements using relevant accounting standards


- Prepare Tax Computation and report of tax liabilities


- Provide you with yearly business profitability reports


- File Accounts and tax Returns with HMRC, Companies House and the Charity Commission



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